Tribute to a Talented

(From "Wanganui Midweek" April 15 1998)

Owner of Jan's Sewing Centre in Fitzherbert Ave. Jan Arnold called the other day to say have a look in her window.

There's a display I've put there as a tribute to a very talented lady," she says.

The tribute is about Ann Wilson, who died recently.

"She was wheelchair bound for the last years of her life, and was a very feisty and courageous lady, says Jan, who first met Ann when she came into her sewing shop.

"She used to come in all the time and pick my brains," she says.

"Ann was in her 60s, and was born and bred on the Island of Guernsey, off the coast of England," writes Jan in tribute to her late friend.

"As a small child she was interned as a prisoner of war in Germany, during which time she caught TB.

"Although physically affected, her strong will to rise above obstacles was unbreakable, and the Ann we knew had developed.

"Whellie" (as she was known), came into my life looking for embroidery challenges, and visited the shop on a regular basis for supplies," says Jan.
"Her sense of humour was delightful."

Ann's creative flair is demonstrated (in the window display) with the clowns and small dolls she had knitted, and, of course, the other pictures she had stitched.Ann also played Indoor Bowls from her wheelchair, moving around the mat with the greatest of dexterity in driving the sensitive controls of her vehicle.

"I am glad I had the opportunity to meet Ann and share some creative time with her I miss her" says Jan.

The display will be in Jan's window until the end of the month.

Click on Photo to see full colour view of window.